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CABE exists to Inform, Inspire and Influence Christian business people from all church backgrounds and all types of business, as they seek to live out their faith day to day.

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Tuesday 4 November – 1800 for 1815 start


“Catastrophe, Complacency or Courage?

Lessons we can all learn from the Titanic

Herta von Stiegel -Executive Chairman of Ariya Capital group and non-executive Chairman of Stargate Capital Investment Group

Herta is founder and CEO of Ariya Capital Group Limited, a financial services and project development firm focusing on clean energy and infrastructure investments in Africa.

She is the founder and former chair of the Prince’s Trust Women’s Leadership Group, the author of “The Mountain Within – Leadership Lessons and Inspiration for your Climb to the Top”, leader of a multi-national and multi-ability team to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and Executive Co-producer of the award-winning film “The Mountain Within”, chronicling the expedition.

Venue: The offices of the Financial Conduct Authority at 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HS

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At last week’s CABE AGM Patrick Regan, CEO of XLP looked at the key issues for those living on the margins of society and how we can respond to those issues.

His talk provided a vision of how our society can be changed by focussing on individuals, building relationships and building hope.  This is true for our businesses as well for the projects run by XLP.  The success of XLP and the high regard in which it is held is because of, not despite it being rooted in the Christian faith.  Again an important lesson for us in business – we do not need to hide the fact that our faith is the driver for our business practices.

As part of the talk we were introduced to Cherry, an inspirational young woman who comes from a family situation as tough as they can possibly be but, whom through her own hard work, the support of XLP and their contacts with Barclays she has gone onto become their Apprentice of the Year.  Importantly she has aspirations to go much further.  She is not unique and XLP provides a programme to help their young people who engage with the world of work.

Key questions for us as business people

What can my business do to create hope?

How can we empower individuals to be the best that they can be?

Do we write off young people who do not come from the backgrounds we are used to recruiting from?

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“CABE is an opportunity to learn and share from experienced business leaders with faith at their core and a passion to influence their worlds for Christ.”

Nick Gazard, co-founder and Chief Executive of freshSPRING

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